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Monsieur Inwood

The Salzburg Collections


The Salzburg Collections

The Salzburg Collections

Dear readers,

Although I am a great lover of art, I do not cherish all its forms and especially the Baroque Art. Enjoying going out of my comfort zone I went to explore the Louvre Museum and its exhibition presenting « The Baroque Gestures thanks to the famous Collections of Salzburg. »

Homeland of music, which saw the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1756, Salzburg, was also the city of Gothic and Baroque architecture, from painting to sculpture to the point of being considered as the Northern Rome. Under the momentum of its archbishop princes, especially Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau, this city located in central Austria welcomed artists from all over Europe, so that in 1997 it was honored to appear on the world heritage list of the UNESCO.

Though refractory to this exhibition, I must admit that it is undeniable that lands of Germanic languages have established themselves as the home where the greatest masters of Baroque Art have carried out extremely fertile creations out of the ordinary that secular power as religious power have commanded.

Featuring over a hundred works, drawings, sketches, sculpted paintings, exceptionally prepared by the Salzburg Museums, the Salzburgermuseum, this exhibition invites you to be acquainted with Baroque in Salzburg, Austria and South Germany.

At the Louvre museum

Precisely preserved, this heritage testifies the talent of architects, painters and sculptors who worked to decorate many religious buildings such as churches or abbeys, but also palaces and aristocratic dwellings.

Each of these masters developed under the influence of the Italian baroque a painting which play with the optical illusion that was made to sing natural light. The sculptor, for his part, also accorded the gesture of their sculpture a place of prime importance.

These works testify both to the creative vitality of these artistic homes, but also to the stages of elaboration of the works by bringing together sketches drawn, painted or carved. This exhibition invites the viewer to discover masters who were particularly sought after during their lifetime, but whose reputation did not reach France. If curiosity guides your steps, plunge into the heart of this exhibition located at the Palais du Louvre until 16 January 2017.

I would leave you dear readers by quoting you this illustrious musician Wolgang Amadeus Mozart « The true heartless genius is nonsense. For neither high intellect, nor imagination, nor both together make genius. Love! Love! Love! Here is the soul of genius. »

See you soon!


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