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The big comeback of knitting!

Who said knitting was old-fashioned? This winter, mesh is back in style! On catwalk shows, in fashion stores or in the decoration department, there are plenty of opportunities to catch the new trend...

For a few years now, knitting has been appealing to all ages. Hats, scarves, gloves, sweaters... it is high time to take out your wool needles because the time for knitting has come! T

Do you know XXL knitting? Invented by Ohhio, Arm Knitting is the art of knitting huge balls of wool with your arms. By knitting with your arms, you can make many pieces: scarf, sweater, plaid, pouf... Do not wait any longer to embark on the adventure! 

The concept store, Atelier 16, with its cozy atmosphere, offers various workshops, including an introduction to Arm Knitting. You will learn how to make an interior plaid using the arm knitting technique!

The sculptural object

The Art of Sculpture invites itself into your home! The current trend is towards sculptural objects. Why settle for the purely utilitarian status of objects when they can also become true works of art? Between a combination of textures and volumes, crafts are highlighted with the use of natural materials such as ceramics, plaster, marble or iron. Lamps, vases and coffee tables... It is easy for you to find what you are looking for and transform your interior into a museum with unique pieces that are tailored to your personality.

I recently fell in love with this sublime black clay vase from House Doctor. To me, it is an essential decorative object to decorate and brighten up both the living room and the dining room. I like its raw and matt aspect which gives it a traditional touch. The added value? A composition of dried flowers for a bohemian and cosy atmosphere.

The Art of

Passionate about art, pottery has always aroused my curiosity. One morning, I decided to go for it and participate in a course at the Terre et Feu workshop in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.

Indeed, I am fascinated by the works that can be created simply with clay. I quickly took pleasure in bringing the material to life, working on shapes and dimensions to create great works.

At first, you always wonder how to get started and as you go along, you are taught how to shape the clay and make unique pieces. Pieces that will be part of your interior design and that you will be happy to admire knowing that they are your personal creations.

This workshop was revealing for me, I felt accompanied but above all I discovered my artistic soul through this activity.

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