We went to meet Affoussiata, housekeeper at the Hotel Le Monna Lisa. In this article, she invites us to discover the famous florist Deschamps in Paris.

Affoussiata loves the Deschamps florist

If you've been walking around Paris, you're bound to have come across a creation by the florist Deschamps. Luc Deschamps is a florist who has made a name for himself in the world of luxury and events in Paris. Known for his creativity, he has designed and produced numerous plant decorations in the capital. He has notably decorated the facades of numerous restaurants such as Le Vrai Paris, La Favorite and Maison Sauvage. In his charming flower shop, he invites us to make and buy beautiful bouquets.

Affoussiata discovered this place during the Inwood Lovers shoot, a shoot aimed at highlighting the employees of the Inwood Hotels group. She had the chance to pose in Paris, on the banks of the Seine and at the florist Deschamps. She tells us how happy she was and exclaims "I really enjoyed the moment at the florist, it was very pretty and full of colour".

"I would be delighted to go back there to buy flowers "

The Deschamps shop is located in the 17th arrondissement of the capital, Affoussiata enjoys "walking around this very lively area" of Paris where there is a " great atmosphere ".

Our Inwood Lover confides in us that she loves flowers. So she was delighted to do this shoot. During her visit to Deschamps, she had the chance to "buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers of all colours". Affoussiata advises us to go to Deschamps, as there is a 'wide choice of flowers and bouquets' available. She also spotted "beautiful vases and dried flower bouquets".

She recommends "anyone coming to Paris to visit this florist". Indeed, in addition to having a wonderful selection of flowers, Deschamps has a beautiful and colourful front, ideal for taking nice pictures.

Already nostalgic for this magical place, Affoussiata was quick to tell us "that she would be delighted to go back there to buy flowers or to give some to her friends".

To discover the most beautiful florist in Paris, go to Deschamps!