Valentin joined the Inwood adventure a year ago. Our Inwood Lover is Head of Revenue Management. In this article, he tells us about his latest cultural crush, the Fragonard Perfume Museum.

Valentin recommends the Fragonard Perfume Museum, a unique and entertaining place

Located next to the Opéra Garnier, the Fragonard Perfume Museum welcomes you to their fun and original universe. You will be able to discover perfume from all sides, this accessory invisible to the eye but essential to face our days serenely. Perfume, a reflection of character, is an integral part of a person.

Valentin first discovered the Fragonard Perfume Museum with the Inwood team. He was seduced by this "new olfactory journey". He tells us "I was immediately impressed by this museum which offers entertaining activities to discover perfume". During this visit, we felt our Inwood Loveur very concentrated and passionate.

"Being able to discover perfume in detail in this museum is a real pleasure!”

Valentin recommends that you take the guided tour of the museum. You will be accompanied by a perfumery professional. Our Inwood Lover tells you: "During the visit, I was able to discover the secrets of this precious product explained by a professional; it was fascinating".

Our Inwood Lover also advises you to carry out the perfumer's apprentice workshop. You will have the opportunity to make your own eau de Cologne: "a unique and unforgettable experience is waiting for you". You will leave at the end of this workshop with your own creation. Valentin tells us: "this perfume created allows us to keep an exceptional memory of this wonderful visit".

"To be able to discover perfume in detail in this museum is a real pleasure" says our Inwood Lover. Don't hesitate any longer and discover this museum that is not to be missed!