We meet Ousmane, manager of the Monna Lisa hotel. In this article, he invites us to discover the Montorgueil street, known by the Parisians for its restaurants, its food shops and its boutiques.

Ousmane recommends the Montorgueil street in Paris

The Montorgueil street is a must-see place for a Parisian stroll. Located in the Montorgueil district, this charming pedestrian street is the main artery of the neighborhood. There, you will discover the typical Parisian life, with the bustle of the morning when the stores and greengrocers open until the end of the day when the nightlife starts.

Ousmane loves gastronomy and it is thanks to this passion that he discovered the Montorgueil street. Indeed, it’s by going to the Stohrer bakery, the oldest pastry shop in Paris, to taste their "chouquettes au sucre" that our Inwood Lover discovered the Montorgueil street. If you're passing through this street, Ousmane recommends you to try the delicious "chocolate eclairs of the bakery".

« I love going there with my mom to eat their delicious snails »

The Montorgueil district is one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Paris. Ousmane tells us: "this neighborhood is nice to walk around on weekends when the sun is shining". In fact, he likes this "pretty district with its small paved streets". If we come to be there, our Inwood Lover advises us to "pass in front of the St Eustache Church". Indeed, this church is one of the most visited in Paris because of its architectural style and the works of art it shelters.

This tourist district is also "known thanks to the restaurant l'Escargot Montorgueil", a favorite restaurant of great figures such as Marcel Proust or Salvador Dali. As a real institution, our Inwood Lover confides: "I love going there with my mom to eat their delicious snails". In addition to tasty snails, you can taste emblematic and traditional French dishes such as quenelles de Brochet or blanquette de veau à l'ancienne.

If, like Ousmane, you are a lover of French gastronomy, we invite you to go to the Montorgueil district to stroll around and have a drink in a typical Parisian terrace.