The Moonshiner : the secret cocktail bar

An exceptional place

While I was studying, I had the chance to discover Paris and I quickly fell in love with it. This city never stops surprising and fascinating me every day. 

Last week while I was strolling through the streets of Paris, I received a call from my best friend who wanted to see me. She then asked me to meet her in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Once we arrived at our meeting place, we found ourselves in front of the Da Vito pizzeria. Then we went in and suddenly I heard my best friend ask, "Is this the Moonshiner? "Yes, push that door and you'll be there." Once I walked through that heavy door, my eyes marvelled.

Amazed by this incredibly beautiful place, by its warm colours, its cosy sofas, its brick walls and finally by its vintage objects. I thought I was almost in a 1920s movie set. I also appreciated the intimacy of this warm space which made me feel privileged.                                                                                                                            

There is not only the atmosphere that seduced me but also the cocktails made by talented bartenders.

The cocktails

After being seduced by this place with its undeniable charm, it was the cocktails that conquered my palate. You will have the choice between several cocktails made with creativity and by passionate waiters who know how to combine different flavours. I particularly loved the quality of the products. The alcohols are carefully selected, the fruits are fresh and seasonal. It was a real delight and an explosion of flavours that I had the chance to discover in a unique setting.

Special mention for the Swing your lady cocktail which is for me the best cocktail I tasted during this incredible evening. I was immediately won over by its name and its flavours, which I enjoyed tasting.

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