An exceptional exhibition, "Dream of Egypt", is set up in Paris on October 18, 2022 and lasts until March 5, 2023!

To all admirers of Rodin's sculptures, to all lovers of Egyptian culture, the exhibition "Dream of Egypt" is invited to the Rodin Museum from October to show you an Egyptian Rodin.

The Hotel Biron, home of the sculptor Auguste Rodin at the end of his life, has become his museum in itself. This hotel houses within its various rooms and its English garden a set of artworks of the artist, including the most talented and world-renowned sculptures! To name a few: The Thinker, The Kiss, The walking man, The age of Bronze, The Gates of Hell… The sculptures are exposed to natural light that give them a real setting from different angles and bring them closer to our reality.

We all know the subjects regularly addressed by the sculptor.

But finally, where did he draw his sculptural techniques? Where does his artistic inspiration come from?


Few knew this facet of the artist. Rodin as an Egypt enthusiast.

We invite you to come and discover Rodin in a different way during this exhibition. This exhibition brings together more than 1000 monumental projects and antiquities collected by the sculptor, including 400 artefacts freshly restored from the pre-Pharaonic to the Arab era. You will find sculptures, drawings, photographs...

Egyptian art conquered Rodin and also contributed to his open-mindedness and curiosity. He did research on the representation of the human body, the simplification of forms ... that inspire his projects. This country has been a real influence for the master artist.

We advise you if you are in Paris during this period to stop there for an afternoon. You will travel to Egypt and discover another personality feature of this famous artist.

But you will also have the opportunity to learn more about the great figures of all fields who participated in the expansion of Egyptian culture in France that aroused the interest of the French.

Beyond the exhibition, we recommend you sit in the gardens facing The Thinker. You'll be able to reconnect with yourself. And for the eternal romantics, we invite you in front of The Kiss which will make you fantasize about finding your soulmate...

We will soon talk about art again!