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It's an immersive experience in this restaurant! Expect to be transported to Asia...

There are many Asian restaurants in the capital... There is something for everyone. But one restaurant in particular puts all Parisians in agreement. It is "Gros Bao" of the Bao Family. This group also owns two other restaurants in Paris: Petit Bao and Bleu Bao.

Gros Bao is located along the Canal Saint-Martin in the 10th district at 72 Quai de Jemmapes. The Canal Saint-Martin is a place full of charm which spreads out on 4,55 km length. It is home to many bars and restaurants, including Gros Bao.

Gros Bao is an invitation to travel to Asia. We have the feeling to be on the Chinese territory whether it is by the decoration of the place or by the garnishing of the plate!

The establishment is more than 350m2 designed with a fire red waxed concrete floor, red lights as we can see regularly in Hong Kong, etc. The spirit wanted is to make the place a little kitsch in order to really immerse us in the atmosphere of the country. It's a mix between the traditional Hong Kong canteens and the French art of living (the French touch).

The will of the owners is to break the clichés and stereotypes about Chinese food. The Bao Family team tries to fight against the prejudices of typical Asian dishes. It is a real popular and customary cuisine.

The dishes offered are from the 8 Chinese culinary regions. The specialty: bao!

The bao zi is a small stuffed bun cooked in steam. There are different variations for salty and sweet! There is also the Xiao long bao which is a smaller version and made of a much thinner dough containing a broth.  The bao are made by hand every day by the bao masters, who we can watch from their kitchen, with T65 flour from the bourgeois mills. It is 100% home-made and the products are sourced from French producers, especially the meat.

The bao master has to make 18 folds to create this little turnover. The dough of the bao is made of wheat flour, water and baker's yeast. As a filling, we generally find in China chives and pork.


Similar to Chinese traditions, we eat by sharing. Sharing is the key word of this canteen. So sit down with friends or family around a round table and order several baskets of bao and different dishes that you can all taste.

What is generally practiced: take different baskets of bao, put them in the center of the table, and one dish per person. The advantage is that it is possible to rotate the dishes via carts.

You can find the famous spring rolls, the filled salted fritters, the rice bowls accompanied by meat and a vegetable. You will eat healthy and balanced!

To end this moment of conviviality, you can pay your bill directly at the table and even divide it! All you have to do is flash the QR code displayed.

We highly recommend you to try:

The Veggie Chao Mian, fresh homemade wheat noodles stir-fried in wok, peppers, onions, spring onion.

The Xiaolongbao Shangai Style, which is a basket of six small pork bao, cebette, organic ginger, and hot broth.

The Veggie Charsiu Bao, a basket made of two steamed buns with happyvore veggie minced meat and Chinese eggplant. The whole thing is vegan!

One of the star dishes is the whole lacquered duck, cut up on a cart and served in three ways (soup, rolling cakes, sautéed rice). A real treat for the taste buds!

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