We have never hidden it from you, we have long been under the spell of Paris. We love discovering new things to make you enjoy the simple joys of life. Exhibitions, restaurants with friends, or strolling through the streets, are moments that perfectly illustrate our epicurean vision of life. It is thanks to this philosophy that we take full advantage of Paris, which always has some nice surprises.

Just last week, as we walked the streets in the heart of the capital in search of unknown places, we discovered by the greatest of chance a real hidden treasure, the Cité Durmar. This 300-metre-long dead end is adjacent to the bustling Oberkampf street and will give you the impression of travelling through time.


We often forget that before being absorbed by the inner-city, the outlying districts of Paris were only villages. Fortunately, there are still some hidden and atypical corners from this past in the capital today. The Cité Durmar is one of them. Actually, it is very easy to pass the entrance of the alley without even noticing it, which would be a pity. Indeed, once you have entered the impasse, you enter another world, calm and relaxing, the tumults of the city disappearing in an instant. A path that seems to have just come out of the past in which time has stopped.

Today, the impasse is lined with artists’ workshops, each more original than the last, that we invite you to admire. These spaces are obviously free and open to all. You discover different artistic worlds depending on the gallery within which you enter. An impressive artistic diversity, condensed throughout this alley that will fill you with its beauty and originality.

In order to access it, we recommend using public transport, more precisely the metro line 2, and going to Ménilmontant Station. the Cité Durmar is just a few steps away.

The Cité Durmar is a nice surprise, an address that will allow you 30 minutes to take a quiet, atypical and artistic break during your Parisian day.