10 questions with Mademoiselle Inwood

« Inwood Hotels is welcoming its new ambassadress today! This young charismatic woman with a sophisticated style has accepted to answer our questions. Let’s discover together who Elena is, the one that we also call Mademoiselle Inwood. »


Can you describe yourself?

Hello, my name is Elena. Since my childhood, I grew up in the world of artists. Then, I studied journalism to realize my two passions, fashion and journalism. On a personal level, I will define myself as a person with character. It is thanks to my numerous travels that I build it. Hong Kong, Milan, Miami. You see what I mean…


Why did you decide to participate in the « Inwood adventure »?

Monsieur Inwood! He gave me the appetite for this adventure. He told me about the fact that he was writing articles on your websites, about the subjects he tackled… I thought it was an incredible idea! Well, in general I love challenges, that’s true, and I try to challenge myself every day. And I really wanted to take up. It will soon be a year that I am with Monsieur Inwood and that this project grows with us. Recently I had the opportunity to meet with one of the collaborators of the Inwood Hotels group. We have discussed about my background. He also noticed that I am a journalist and especially that I love fashion, so he asked me to take part in the Inwood Hotels adventure such just like Monsieur Inwood. It all fitted very well with the image of the group I had, that’s true… So here I am!


The group represents you but are you accomplished?

Yes, the Inwood Hotels brand represents me well and I hope that I represent it well too! I am very curious, I like to discover new things, to learn new things… So I can say the fact that I can write about various subjects every days is very rewarding. I can develop so many things: my style, my inspirations… For me it’s a personal and a professional fulfilment. So yes I feel fully accomplished.



How would you describe your implication for Inwood Hotels?

First of all, I write on the websites. In the “News” section of the hotel Le Monna Lisa’s website, you can read my articles! I really like to write for you because I can talk about everything. I can write about subjects that are important to me: fashion, creators, collection pieces and others… I often attend Fashion Weeks.  As a result, I take a lot of notes in order to give the best pieces of advice to my readers. Apart from that, with Monsieur Inwood we have an Instagram account on which you can follow us: @inwoodlovers.


Which are your main inspirations for writing?

Well, I would say that it is mostly the history of fashion. It followed me during journalism studies, but also during my childhood. My mother was also working in the world of fashion… I transpose all these elements in my articles. But I am often inspired by the 80s! It is a period and a style that I really love. But one has to take things into consideration and find the ideal item which can give your outfit a little extra. As I usually say: we have to be up to date, but not too much.


What is your favourite memory in Paris?

I have to say that even if I had a lot of memories here in Paris, there is one that always comes to my mind. It is my first date with Monsieur Inwood. For me Paris is a very romantic city and Montmartre is even more romantic… He had organized everything for our rendezvous. It was so romantic! When I saw him, I had that feeling, it was like an evidence! We spoke for a long time about Paris, its treasure and about our inspirations in life. And as time went by, and as we kept talking I was telling myself: I have the feeling that I already know him. I think that it is undoubtedly my favourite memory because it is representative of the beginning of our beautiful love story.



What is your favourite district?

You know, there are so many beautiful place in Paris… But I definitely have a crush for the 7th neighborhood. It is a very cultural district. It is one of most symbolic districts in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower! I really love to wonder in the Rue Cler, it is a street that moves and it is near the Inwood hotels! I also love the atmosphere of the markets. There are always new tastes to discover! But I can’t choose only one place in Paris, I love so much Montmartre and Saint-Germain-Des-Prés… Both are to me, a fabulous place.


Why did you accept to become the face of the brand?

Yes, it is true that in comparison to Monsieur Inwood, I accepted to become the face of the brand. Well, I can say that it was a very evident decision. I come from the fashion world, so I am used to do those things. But I know that Monsieur Inwood is not looking for fame so it is true that he did not see the usefulness to reveal its identity. Even if I tried to make him change his mind, nothing happened, he is unequivocal, and it’s a no…


Why did you decided to share your Parisian experiences with our clients? You are sort of « client of the Inwood clients »?

Well, to represent clients means for me sharing with them. I want to share with them my Parisian experiences in order to make them discover the true Parisian life! I want to show something authentic. In touristic guides we can find nice places but it is too factual to me… I am looking for the best way to give them personal tips! And I think that if clients are that loyal to your group it is because you give them the opportunity to personalize their travels. And it comes from the hotels, each one is about a French Art of Living. When Mister Inwood took me there for the first time I was so happy! Because these French Arts of Living are my values too. I feel like at home when I stay there…


How to make a stay in Paris unique?

I think that a successful stay in Paris has several steps. For example, you can start by going for a walk and discovering the capital. Then, you will visit a museum and learn about the French culture which is so rich! After that you can also eat in a typical restaurant or buy a baguette in the morning, as a real Parisian! Yes, there are many stereotypes in what I tell you but I think that it is what people are looking for: authenticity.


Your motto?

Never forget to live your dreams.


“Thank you Elena for answering these questions and for taking the time to be here with us today. It’s such a pleasure for us! Your work on our websites is truly appreciated.”

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