10 questions with Monsieur Inwood

“A pronounced style and a mysterious man – this is what our first ambassador Monsieur Inwood looks like. We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions so that you can discover him.”


Could you introduce yourself?

Hello, I would like to begin this interview by noticing that I don’t want to reveal my identity. You can call me “Monsieur Inwood”.

I was raised in a family where the atmosphere was both very passionate and serious. Indeed, my mother was a ballet dancer and my father a lawyer. I am an only child and thanks to my parents I developed a certain taste for beautiful things. My friends often define me as an esthete. Today, I am an architect and designer and I really like what I do.


So you work as an architect and designer, is that right?

Yes, it is right. This occupation really corresponds to me. I love Arts, this is certain, but it is thanks to architecture that I can be fully accomplished. Making of my passion my everyday life is extraordinary. It allows me to develop my sense of creativity and rigor. For instance, sometimes I choose a fabric, with respect to the rest of the item in order to create perfect unity…


Why do you want to keep secret your image?

I am not looking for celebrity nor recognition. Since always, I try to be known for what I do and not for what I am. It is also true that being an enigmatic person allows the readers to assimilate my writings as they want it. I am a client of Inwood, far from being an influent person.



Why did you choose us?

I have to admit that it is a great opportunity that I was offered. As I told you, I love everything which is linked to architecture. When I first stayed the hotel le Monna Lisa, I was more than fulfilled. Being cradled in the universe of sculpture was simply magical. Through my stays I realized that the Inwood hotels represent the French Arts of Living, which are also my values. I share these themes with the group, and this is why I accepted to be the ambassador. I am also a fervent admirer of Paris. You bring this city forwards so well…


Does Inwood Hotels represent you?

I would say that Inwood does more than representing me. It is part of me. I already told you that I am passionate about Art, be it about painting or sculpture. I love going to the Inwood hotels and giving in to my passions. Recently, I went to the hotel Le Monna Lisa and I let myself by carried away by the atmosphere of sculpture. Here, my name is “Monsieur Inwood”, the client that is never bored by Inwood Hotels. There is a reason…


If you are the client of the Inwoods clients, do you represent them?

You know, it’s not only about representing, it is also about sharing. I love sharing with them my experiences, giving them pieces of advice… There is something about unifying. Being able to gather a whole hotel around common values is pleasant. I work a lot on my articles, so that they really represent the clients and so they can help them. I was a client before becoming an ambassador so it is true that you have chosen the right person to represent your clients!


Why did you accept to write on the Inwood websites?

I wanted to be in contact with the clients, to share with them. The idea seemed to me evident. Through my writings I have the opportunity to exchange with my readers about Paris, about my experiences. I can write about different topics, for instance I can speak about a place to visit! What mainly pushed me to write is this opportunity to be gathered under common values and being able to share my love for this beautiful city that Paris is.



If you had to choose your favorite memory in Paris, what would it be?

Without hesitating, it is my first meeting with Elena. It was during the All Nighter in Paris. I was with my friends, we were observing the crowd around us. Then I saw her, Elena. She was looking at me too. I decided to join her. But when I was going across the crowd, we were separated and I couldn’t find her anymore. I didn’t see her for the rest of the evening. It is incredible, I had seen her for a few seconds only, but I wanted to join her. It is at the very end of the party, I was walking and she got close to me and said “My name is Elena.”


What are your inspirations?

Mainly the French Arts of Living. My inspirations are diverse. I can write about a sculpture or a painting… Writing is like sharing a part of oneself. I think that what is important is to deliver passion in the articles. The subject is only a pretext to write.


As an architect, what is your favorite sculpture?

Once again, without hesitating, it’s the Venus de Milo. If you have never seen her, you can pay her a visit in the Louvre.


“Monsieur Inwood, thank you for your time and for responding to our questions. It is always a pleasure to read your articles.”

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