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Dear readers,

My job as an architect allows me to travel a lot. We must constantly be looking for inspiration whether in our own country or with a different architectural culture. Personally, I am fascinated by the dwellings belonging to another time but this must not prevent me from admiring and examining the new constructions that human build today.

A few years ago, I decided to going to Dubai, a city that had an unprecedented architectural boom in recent years. During my visit, I met a Dubai counterpart and his wife, Mr Kirwabet. They help me to visit Dubai and its culture of luxury, it was a very welcoming and particularly altruistic couple. They helped me to have better understanding of this world that was not mine. I therefore returned to Paris, my mind engorged with new inspirations.

A few days ago this same couple of friends from the Middle East called me. They solicited me for a good address of hotels where they can stayed in the center of Paris. They had already stayed in Paris but this experience was more a nightmare than real holiday.

A personalized service

I recommended an hotel that I trusted, it was the Hotel Le Monna Lisa located 1 minute from the Champs Elysees, with a spacious suite and a particularly attentive staff. They trusted me and stayed in this boutique-hotel for a week. They were filled with joy once they arrived at the hotel, they were fascinated by the theme of the sculpture that the hotel offers but not only. Their biggest surprise was discovering a smartphone in their room. This service especially simplified their stay in the capital and allowed them to share their adventures with all their families.

Their week went smoothly. I was particularly proud to have been their guide during this stay, I had selected the best restaurants, the best walks, everything to be wonderful and that they can fully express their mutual love in this city so romantic. Before leaving, they thanked me and revealed that they had been magnificently dazzled by our capital. Amazed by the history, culture and life that lived in the French and our beautiful capital. I was overjoyed at the idea that I had contributed to their happiness before seeing the plane take off. I will leave you with this quote « Paris by day, Paris at night under the sun or in the rain Paris will always be Paris ! »

See you soon!

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