A parisian walk

An expedition off the beaten track

Dear readers,

You probably guessed from reading my previous articles my admiration to my beloved city, Paris! I try as best as I can through them, to transmit my passion and my love for all the sights that come from this city.

Like you, every day, I walk on the great Parisian boulevards or in the subway. I like being a spectator of what is happening around me, observe behavior of people in waiting line, an Invader mosaic of hidden by Parisian urbanization or a part of our history that buildings reveal. So if you like to explore the vast world around you, I highly recommend a walk between Republique and Belleville to savor this Street Art "exhibition".

The excitement of Paris

This walk represents a tiny part of the Parisian atmosphere. So I will get you out of the beaten paths of our illustrious museums to highlight a Paris more popular, more real and more alive. "This walk begins and ends Place de la Republique, 2 hours walk. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the 10th district of Paris, the Saint-Martin canal, the Belleville district and a part of the 19th district, one of the liveliest areas of the capital." It's good to go through a town aimlessly just to enjoy the chance to be alive. 

Renowned artists have left their marks on the walls, sometimes for their own sake, sometimes with greater virtues. Although I remain open-minded, I confess, sometimes do not understand the artist vision’s and to my regret his work. After all, this artistic expression break our routine, it is an art in constant evolution because it follows the rhythm artists, passing time and streets that shape our neighborhood.

It is an art that surprises, Not everybody like it but we must admit that it breaks our daily "routine". After this long and intense ride I would stay at Hotel Monna Lisa. I will quote the famous Edward de Bono to illustrate my words « Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. »

See you soon !

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