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Lovers' favourites




Meet Astrid, Commercial & Group Assistant at Inwood. Today, she presents us the elegant and famous Avenue Montaigne. It's on her daily bike ride to work that Astrid discovers this avenue, whether at sunrise or sunset, she enjoys strolling along this lively street, letting herself be carried away by the daydream it evokes.

"Luxury and voluptuousness" are the tow words that define Avenue Montaigne in Astrid's eyes. She particularly recommends it to fans of the glamour of Gossip Girl actresses because every corner of this avenue breathes elegance and sophistication. Her advice for visiting: start with an empty wardrobe and a dreamingly unlimited budget.

For her, this avenue has a secret atmosphere, an escape to a dream life where one can slip into someone else's shoes, even if only for a moment. To fully experience the essence of Avenue Montaigne, Astrid suggests getting lost, letting oneself be carried away by the surrounding luxury, and appreciating every moment as an enchanted interlude. According to her, this avenue offers a unique getaway, a true invitation to immerse oneself in the world of French refinement and sophistication.



Today a high point of Parisian fashion radiating internationally, this 615-meter avenue connecting the Champs-Élysées to the Pont de l'Alma has not always been home to the greatest Haute Couture Maisons. The avenue, named after the writer and philosopher Michel Montaigne, was originally made up of gardens and fields. Until the end of the 20th century, it was primarily residential and inhabited by the nobility and the Parisian upper class.

The "Chemin de l'Étoile," so named because of its path leading to Place de l'Étoile where the Arc de Triomphe is located, underwent a significant transformation in the 19th century. At that time, efforts were made to turn it into a prestigious and memorable street. Numerous private mansions, luxury boutiques, and theaters then took up residence along this artery, attracting affluent clientele. Renowned brands such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel can be found there, making this street a true emblem of luxury and fashion in Paris.


Elegant Architecture

Avenue Montaigne, like many other Parisian streets, is part of the magnificent Haussmannian architectural heritage that shaped the French capital in the 19th century. The imposing stone buildings, lining this iconic avenue, perfectly illustrate Parisian charm. With their uniform height, balconies offering an elegant perspective on the lively street, and meticulously carved decorative ornaments, these buildings evoke a unique presence and allure. Every detail contributes to the sophisticated aesthetic that characterizes Avenue Montaigne, creating a majestic landscape for the vibrant activities that animate this iconic and coveted Parisian ailey. 



In addition to being a renowned "fashion" destination, it is also a true hub of culture. You can discover the famous Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, which attracts renowned artists and intellectuals. Inaugurated in 1913 through the initiative of Gabriel Astruc, this theater represented a revolutionary architectural feat at the time with its entirely reinforced concrete structure. For years, it has hosted various artistic events such as plays, symphonic concerts, operas, and ballets. With exceptional acoustics, it can accommodate a wide range of performances, from classical to contemporary music.

For two weeks each year, Avenue Montaigne transforms into an authentic theater of creative effervescence. It is during Fashion Week that this prestigious artery brightly welcomes fashion shows from the highest brands, making this period a key moment where models, designers, and journalists converge to bring this iconic fashion space to life. The avenue thus becomes the beating heart of the industry, pulsating to the rhythm of the latest trends and boldest creations.

Like Astrid, take a moment of wonder and explore this exceptional and unique avenue in Paris.


Retour aux actus & coups de cœur
Hotel Le Monna Lisa - POPUP

We would like to inform our future customers that renovation works are currently underway on the hotel facade. The intervention hours, from 9am to 4pm, aim to minimize inconvenience for our clientele. 

However, all usual services remain available, with VIP reception offered to each of our guests during this period. 

The Monna Lisa team remains at your disposal to address your requests and thanks you in advance for your understanding