Exhibition L’Art est une fête by Karel Appel

The Palais de Tokyo transport us !

My dear readers,

I have the habit of seeing exhibitions in the heart of our sublime capital, I must confess that of all the magnificent museums that Paris highlights, I have a favorite one.

It is the famous Palais de Tokyo, more commonly known as the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. I devote a certain fascination, its spacious and contemporary surrounding, its link between Paris and its history make this place special and for sure one of my favorite monuments of the capital.

Apart from its architecture, I must admit that I am particularly attracted by Modern Art. Often judged as strange, I perceive it as playful and rich form of Art especially by the creativity of its sculptures, its paintings and its works of all kinds.

I am looking forward to visiting this place during the exhibition « L'Art est une fête ! » by Karel Appel.

A spontaneous and experimental Art

As soon as we go into this exhibition, we realized that Karel Appel was an artist who wanted to overcome the traditions of its time, especially abstract art, which he considered too rigid and rational. He rejects the established values ​​and proposes a fresh start, freed from conventions and claiming the spontaneity of the naive. By approaching this spirit it is incontestably registered in the current of counterculture.

This artist of Dutch origin advocates a spontaneous and experimental art, these works are alive and particularly colored. They are particularly interested in children's drawings and the art of madmen with an international ambition. The novice would regard it as a simplistic form of Art, a true amateur of Art would recognize a real will to put in the spotlight the primitivism.artistic movement.

The process was punctuated by several sculptures, between crafts and immense baroque installations whose ludic character echoes the vitalist energy of his works.

The Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris presents a superb exhibition retracing the entire career of the artist thanks to an exceptional donation of twenty-one paintings and sculptures selected by the Karel Appel Foundation of Amsterdam.

I wish you a delightful evening dear readers by quoting a sentence full of lightness pronounced by Françoise Giroud, french Secretary of State for Culture in the Seventies « It is amazing to be an artists. They are crazy, like everyone else, but not really like everyone else. I have a weakness for them. »

See you soon!

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