Exhibition Rodin at the Grand Palais

A sculptor of genius

Dear readers,

Life has no meaning, has no savor, if we do not share it with people we love or if we do not open ourselves to the unknown. What is the purpose of marveling in front of a magnificent panorama if we can not exteriorize the emotions that invade us to his sight.

The visions, the analyzes or the feelings of a person with whom share this moment may not be the same as ours, because we are all different by the ways that life leads. These opposing or reciprocal visions will naturally lead to a discussion that will allow us to question ourselves or to meditate if we try to be a little bit open-minded and listening to our interlocutor. In my opinion, it is undeniable to admit that sharing, whether through a discussion or a gesture of generosity, enhances us.

The majestic Grand Palais

I am delighted to share these passions, this philosophy, this spirit of curiosity with the woman who makes my heart beat, Elena. Although we do not have the same thoughts and do not agree with the expression of certain artists in relation to particular works, we try to listen to them in order to understand why we think in this way.

Every moment with her gives me a sense of well-being. The parts of shadows which I usually concealed do not have to be hidden, I am simply myself. A new exhibition is coming and I look forward to sharing this moment with her. He is one of the sculptors most famous sculptor of our time: Auguste Rodin.

The majestic Grand Palais will celebrate the centenary of the death of the artist from March 22nd to July 31st, 2017. The exhibition wishes to offer a new look at this protean artist, thus giving to see and understand the power of his genius. The praise of the precepts of one of the fathers of modern sculpture inspired a whole generation of artists such as Carpeaux, Bourdelle, Claudel, Brancusi, Picasso or Richier thanks to his talent. I look forward to discovering and exploring this exhibition with Elena, I am curious to know what her reflections will reveal of her.

Before wishing you a good evening, I would quote Aldous Huxley and his famous maxim « Silence is as full of wisdom and spirit in power as the uncarved marble is rich in sculpture. »

See you soon !

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