Happy New Year 2017

This 31st December 2016

My dear readers,

What a night! There was many years that I had that lived this kind of evening. Few of my memories are equaled by the emotions that I received last night. As I told you earlier in my article on the hotel Le Marquis, Elena invited me to celebrate the New Year by her side, surrounded by her most intimate friends.

In this majestic setting, I had one of the most beautiful surprises I have ever had in my life. What a surprise to see on my arrival, my closest friends. Elena had invited them just by enevolence for me. At that moment my heart was filled with joy. I was extremely touched by this gesture, confirming how much she paid attention to who I am and what makes me happy.

The beginning of a new year

To be frank with you, this evening was intese, there was a special euphoria in this December 31, 2016. Laughs and dances blended to create a most pleasant party atmosphere. Everyone did not know each other yet each one was keen to meet the other.

It was a beautiful evening, solicited from by everyone Elena and I had not time to meet each other before that the carillon sounded.

Although we did not have time to chat during this evening, I could not stop to observe Elena, one more resplendent in her dress with glitter. Then midnight resounded on the capital, I kiss her.

It is often difficult to gather all the people you love under one roof, especially for an evening. Elena had done it... Without even soliciting my help she had organized this evening with a single goal, that everyone was happy and left the mind full of beautiful memories.

When I woke up, I had the strange sensation that my mind had been absent from reality during these few hours of festivity. I wanted to quote you, Alfred de Musset: « I do not know where my way is going, but I walk better when my hands holds yours. »

I wish you an happy New Year 2017!

See you soon!

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