Haussmann style architecture

Paris, a story of architect

Dear readers,

A lot of persons admire Paris, its beauty, its charm, its structure and its aspects. But rare are the ones who really knows Paris’ story. Dear readers, I want to share with you today about it and about a great men who give to Paris its greatness.

I am not going to lie, Paris inspire, Paris shine in the whole world. And we owe it to one person, Georges Eugene Haussmann, father of Paris evolutions under the Second Empire. The result don’t need to be explained and France founded “beautiful Paris, enlarged Paris, safe Paris”.

He is today, more than an inspiration for me, he is a model. With his changes, he succeeded in trying to transform the old Middle Age Paris, which streets were dark and unhealthy, to a luxurious city, a lighten city.

Walking by myself

I needed to find this Paris last week, when Elena and I get our first disagreement. Even if it was not something serious, I was upset for a long time.

At this moment, I decided to get out and try to reflect about the situation. I have no idea about where I wanted to go, I just wanted to get fresh air and reflect about me, Elena, us… We were at the hotel Le Monna Lisa so I found myself on the Rue La Boétie. It is a symbol of Paris and a perfect example of Haussmann-style architecture.

I was observing the pedestrian, they were happy. They were smiling and I was looking at their face when the sun warm them up. The ancient windows of the buildings were glowing, giving us a sort of aura. It was a peaceful moment. I felt at the same time the sweetness and the force of the buildings. My thoughts came to Elena, I wish she could be here with me here and share this moment.

Dear readers, I wonder that I can’t be mad at my loving Elena in this special place. Remember “Paris erase the sorrows. No one can be unhappy in this place.”

See you soon!

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