Île Saint Louis

Île Saint Louis

A jewel of architecture

My dear readers,

I invite you, for a day, to stroll on the Île Saint Louis. This small island located in the historic heart of Paris, offers a stroll full of surprises.

The Île Saint Louis is a haven of peace where it is possible to enjoy a little peace.

Île Saint Louis is today with the Ile de la Cité, one of the two natural islands of the Seine present in Paris.

His name comes from King Louis IX who was nicknamed St. Louis. The island has the particularity of sheltering several mansions which overhang the Seine. It was formerly called the "Palace Island" because of the number of these mansions.

French gastronomy

Spend a day on this island allows you to jump back in time. You will discover a perfectly preserved architecture, facades meticulously realized as well as many showcases more enticing than the others.

French gastronomy is honored on Île Saint Louis. There are very good restaurant serving typical French cuisine.

For the most gourmet, lovers of desserts of all kinds you will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious ice cream with a unique fragrance at Berthillon! These ice creams, made from natural products, will not disappoint you.

In the heart of the island, there is a small secret garden, a haven of peace and greenery. You can have tea or breakfast and rest in the shade of trees.

The Île Saint Louis looks like a village, according to me, it is the most charming neighborhoods in Paris.

The narrow streets of the island are very poetic and have kept a certain soul.

My dear readers, if you want to immerse yourself in a Parisian image of yesteryear, this is the island to visit!

See you soon!