Le Manoir de Paris

The traditional Halloween

Dear readers,

The end of October is coming and like every year the traditional Halloween party follows. In my youth, people had not custom to dress up, at least not as much. Today, October 31 becomes a true parade that breaks our routine. I do not particularly like this « party » but it is rather nice the excitement it can bring for a while.

This day has always been for me, a day like any other, but this year my friends invited me to participate in a haunted show at Le Manoir de Paris… It hardly tempted me but my curiousiosity finally took over and I accepted their invitation.

I  was joining then in 10th district of Paris, in front of classified building, the setting was prestigious and awoke slowly my interest.  When we were in the queue surprises appeared, actors dressed as monsters began to frighten us.

The mansion of all fears

It’s when we entered in this mansion that we were plunged into darkness and finally I was hooked. The plot was there we had to clarify the story of one of the darkest secrets of our capital.

It continues, once the airlock crossed behind the thick black velvet curtain that gives access to the course frightening legends of our city light Man in the Iron Mask, The Phantom of the Opera or pastry bloodthirsty.  We ran in all directions, we screamed, we were afraid ... I confess that it was a beautiful evening. My dear readers, always remember do not be closed-minded about what you do not know or do not like you will risk to loose dimensions of extraordinary moments, with extraordinary people in acertain way the pleasure of life.

A quote from a French philosopher of the 20th century called Jean Baudrillard illustrates my mind to conclude this beautiful evening « Halloween is not just funny. This sarcastic festival reflects, rather a thirst for revenge of the children on the adult world. »

See you soon !

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