Magic Stone of the Maoris

Magic Rock

My dear readers,

From 23th of may will take place in Quai Branly’s museum the exhibition « Magic Stone of the Maoris » conceived by the New-Zealand museum Te Papa Tagawera, to unlight their rich collection of jade.

The jade is a precious stone hard and tenacious, holding, according to Maoris and other population, some magical properties confering her the capacity to cure some diseases.

This stone also represent elegance, a firm character, and the aspect of tranquility, reserve, purity and virtue.

Thus, this stones will permit us to discover legends and stories of Maoris people, an aboriginal population having a rich history. Art always had an integrant part in their life with culture, through stones, tatoos or danse and the opportunity to discover something we do not really know is, for me, to seize.

The possibility to find the work of a new generation of artists is a chance to take absolutely.

Richness of Earth

After I visit New-Zealand few years ago, I took conscience of the importance the Maoris give to stones and spirituality.

Their relationship with nature, the beauty of landscapes, the diversity of flora and wild life let us imagine why the Maoris lived so close to nature and in peace with Earth, so much that they developed their own vision of Mana : a power granted to them wich represent their values or loyalty and solidarity, much more important for them than the hierarchical rank or material wealth.

Among the numerous travels I did, it is one of them which marked me them most and made me understand that most of the wonderful things there is in this world are in the beauty of the moment, and that everybody has to learn from everybody.

Life is a long learning, at us to appropriate ourself its treasure.

See you soon!


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