Masterpieces of Africa at the Dapper museum

Wild Earth

My dear readers,

Until the 17th July 2017, I will have the opportunity to go to the « Masterpieces of Africa » exhibition, at the Dapper museum. Sweet Africa, wild earth. Earth of diversity, source of life and culture. Where mens are able to do big things from nothing.

I wish I had not notice that certains conflicts are slowing its development, so this wild earth is overflowing with richness. We just need to contemplate (amongst other) the African Renaissance Monument or the Door of the Third Millenium in Senegal  to realize of the magnificience of africans masterpieces. As an architect, this creations  touched me because of the symbol they provide through names and the genius of their construction, no matter the controversies which sourround them.

Earth of inspiration

So african art became a major source of inspiration, you will observe it by going to this exhibition. Diversity of materials and astyles and the unbelieable perfectionnism of this works and scultures cut my breath.

Africa, it is also the warm of the sun, idyllic landscapes, some arid and hostile desert, a wild savanna, a miraculous seaboard which make me so happy to find her back in Paris in different form, so much she gave me all it hospitallity and sympathy.

This continent is similar to its scultures: as diversified as misunderstood but her knowledges, imagination and potential don’t have limits. In any terms of rythm or spirit, this are two subjects in wich Africa excelled. We find in all its arts a notion of rythm with moves better mastered than anyone. Man is so in the center of a duality he will expressed, in wich he will realized him.

My dear readers, to meditate I propose you a famous wolof’s proverb which particularly touched me : « Do not know is bad, but not asking is worst »

See you soon!

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