Monsieur Inwood

Monsieur Inwood

Dear readers,       

I present myself, Monsieur Inwood, loyal guest of the boutique-hotels from the group Inwood Hotels. I was born on the 21st June 1982, in Paris. During my career in New York, I have collaborated with the current most talented designers and worked on the interiors decors for palaces and hotels in the whole world. When I came back to Paris, I decided to open my own agency which gave me the possibility to impregnate my various artistic influence to my taste for warm materials. Exalted by the French Arts of Living, I apply myself to do authentic creations.

Captivated by the Sculptor’s Art, I write in my travels notebooks, universes inspired by Parisians artist workshops to sculpt to my clients, aesthetic and luminous interiors. With the Sculptor’s Art of Living, this is my whole passion to sculpture that I reveal you through the major places of the Parisian effervescence.

See you soon!

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