New art and modern art, an architetural walk

New art and modern art, an architetural walk

New art and modern art

Dear Readers,

I have always loved walks. Take my jacket, my glasses, and go to stride across the city. I observe, I take my mind off, I inspire myself. In the cold of winter, seeing the flakes turning and falling. During the spring, enjoying the first sunbeams. In summer, contemplating the nature waking up, and then, in autumn, seeing the autumnal colours get the upper hand on the city.

Not long ago, I inform about walks in Paris, when I see, on the website Pariscope, an architectural and guided walk in the 16th district. This neighbourhood is architecturally new one. Indeed this is the last century that it has been, less or more, discovered, and a lot of families have made build their private mansion.  We can also discover few religious structures. This walk promised me a lot of discoveries.

An architectural walk in the 16th district.

I decided to go there by a sunny Saturday. Arrived there, I discover the group. Smiling, hungered by knowledges; we wait impatiently, our guide. When this one arrives, we start.  She explains us, under the Parisian sun, the origin of the buildings and the different architectural thoughts. Between purism and geometric of the forms, buildings face, they struggle. Whom will be the most beautiful, the most imposing. I assist to this quiet debate, I observe, I feed myself with what I hear. Obviously, I possess my point of view on the topic, and I have always preferred the purism, however, here, I admire the architects’ work and what they set up to show the architectural thought in which they believe, whom they belong to.

After this walk, I come back in my architectural haven. In the hotel Le Monna Lisa, I read the books about the different architectural’ thoughts, about the beliefs of the architects. That is how I leave you, my friends, with a quote by Le Corbusier and that I love “The architecture, is a way of mind, not a work”. 

See you soon!

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