Nuit Blanche 2018

Nuit Blanche 2018

Grandiose Event

To shine the known or unknown monuments of the capital, this is the objective of the Nuit Blanche which will be held on October 6th and 7th.

Different courses are offered this year. Constellation Invalides will take you through the great monuments of Paris. It will connect the Army Museum, the basement of the Invalides to the bridge Alexandre III, then the palace of discovery and part of the Grand and Petit Palais!

Nuit Blanche is a concentration of works in the open air public space, international artists or cultural events. This grandiose event gives a new place to emerging talents in any discipline, visual arts, dance, theater or music.

Out of Time Experience

Two years ago, I attended the event for the first time. The White Night in Paris is not very popular, this celebration requires some preparation and does not unfold everywhere, it is a little elitist. I had a unique moment between all these demented artistic performances, which is why I want to share today with you this timeless experience.

At the Philharmonie de Paris, I had the chance to attend three concerts. Nothing was like in a regular classical concert, we could come in and out of the room as we pleased, there were even chairs on the stage! I was always fascinated by the Philharmonie de Paris but discovering it in the middle of the night was really something exceptional!

My dear readers, the Nuit Blanche transforms our capital from dusk to dawn, it invites us to live a timeless experience and discover the city from a new perspective.

See you soon!