Opera Garnier

Opera Garnier

Childhood memories

Dear Readers,

First christmas that I remember is the one of 1986. This is not the atmosphere that I remember. Maybe, we drank hot chocolate with my family, maybe, one of my uncles dressed up un Santa, maybe, we had snow this year… No, the thing which impressed me the most about this christmas was what my parents offered me : A construction game. My parents probably don’t think with this present that they also offered me a vocation. Because, for this day, I am convinced that this is, this present which guide me to this job of desiger architect. I built, unpacked, edited again cubes to create, each time, a different layout. Years have passed, my passion have supported and I took the way to the Architecture School, where my projects were born, where I have been touched in front of the construction of my first building.

Opera Garnier

When a first appointment with a customer is over, I like to walk in the capital. Buildings, constructions feed me with ideas. I lose myself in the details of the buildings, I watch, I am looking for inspiration, trying to correspond to the customer’s ideas, trying to do better each time. A short time ago, this is in front of Opéra Garnier that I found the inspiration that I was looking for. Sit on a bench, I watch the opera from 1875. Curves, gilding, columns, statues, ornaments and details… Everything give me foundation to create my project.

Finally, I lead myself to the hotel Le Monna Lisa, to settle in their lobby, watching their statues which warm and give heart to this hotel. Touched by so much pretiness, I think about Honoré De Balzac, who said « Sculpture is such as dramatic art, both the hardest and easiest of all the arts. »

See you soon !


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