Picasso exhibition, Scuptures at the Picasso’s Museum

Picasso exhibition, sculptures at the Picasso’s Museum

Dear Readers,

I’ve always enjoyed travelling and I had the opportunity in New York to be part of the retrospective’s exhibition titled « Picasso’s Sculptures ». It was interesting and I discovered a new face of Picasso. The unknown face of an artist who has an amazing gift.

This exhibition related the work of Picasso so when the Picasso’s exhibition has been inaugurated in Paris, I was excited and I couldn't wait to go there. Until the 28th of August 2016, I will admire the fabulous masterpieces of Picasso.

Picasso and the Art of the Sculpture

Nestled in the heart of the famous Marais district, I discovered the architectural charm of this mansion of the 17th. For a century, this mansion sheltered the Ecole centrale des Arts et manufactures before becoming, in 1985, the most important collection of the painter and since then, known as the famous home of masterpieces of Picasso. It is with some emotion that I could contemplate these works combining the materials and techniques based on years of creations.

We can find the first modeling clay and plaster of the Spanish master, then the wood carvings that resemble at totems. Finally we discover objects of various assemblies, folding paper, cardboard or folded sheets. We have the feeling that the artist devotes himself to test new things, besides painting, he tinkers, he tries, he amuses us ... and we love it!

After strolled in the lanes of the new exhibition, it’s at the hotel Le Monna Lisa that I chose to stop me to extend my thoughts and share with you my cultural teaching of the day. This is from the office of my room, pen in hand, that I realized that this show has taught me that an artist must constantly diversify and expand its technical palette to stand out and convey a certain emotion. As I like to say, « practice does make perfect ».

I hope I have given you the desire to attend the retrospective, and maybe like me, you decide to explore a different side of yourself.

See You Soon !

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