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Art and man

My dear readers,

Each art has its leader. As regards sculpture, one of the last artists to have left a great imprint in the history is and will remain Auguste Renoir. He is one of the most famous French sculptors, considered the Father of modern sculpture, having mingled with romantic perfectionism and impressionism.

He left behind him an enormous work, just as gigantic as his talent, with tens of thousands of pieces.

Most of them are divided between two sites: the hotel Biron, which hosts its museum in the 7th arrondissement of Paris and which I have visited several times thanks to its proximity to the hotels Inwood and the Villa des Brillants, his former home where he is buried.

These are two magnificent sites, conducive to a pure and true discovery of the universe and the works of Auguste Rodin.

Work and talent

If Rodin is also known and renowned today, it is because he developed methods of work that allowed him to produce so many works, but also because some of them became myths around the world known. Another, for me the most beautiful, is the Kiss, a marble sculpture made at the request of the French State for the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1889, representing the love between a man and a woman embracing.

The most surprising and incredible of all is undoubtedly the Gate of Hell, which he realized alone, troughout his life. A simple look at this work instantly causes emotions so strong, leaving no one indifferent.

We feel ourselves seized by this door, with a feeling of fright. This is to say the talent of this artist and the emotions he could transmit in his art.

My dear readers, I am leaving you today on a quote from Augustus, speaking of his vision of Art « Art is the most sublime mission of man, since it is the exervise of the thought that seeks to understand the world and to make it understand. »

See you soon!

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