Ross Lovegrove

Industrial design

My dear readers,

I wanted to talk to you today about something that I know a little but which proves to be as rich as exciting: industrial design. It is an activity aimed at using art and applied sciences to improve aesthetics, design, ergonomics, functionality and usability of a product.

It is a fashionable trade that combines artistic research, science and industrial processes to offer us these products that we so much desire. As in the artistic field, there is a need for innovation that allows to renew genres and participate in the evolution of the field.

To achieve this, companies seek to showcase creative minds and new talents, as Dyson, a designer who became famous for his bagless vacuum cleaners (he created more than 5000 prototypes before marketing his own), with his help For students «James Dyson Awards».

The exhibition Lovegrove

This is how I will introduce Ross Lovegrove, who will be able to attend one of his exhibitions at the Center Pompidou in Paris from April 2017 to better understand his art and his inspirations.

This man, born in Cardiff, became an industrial designer having graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique of Manchester and made his reputation thanks to the creation of the first Walkman and worked on the construction of the products of the biggest global brands.

He even received the medal from the city of Paris to congratulate him on his whole work and his attachment to the country. Ross Lovegrove defends a global vision of design and draws inspiration from nature and its evolution. Everything he conceives has an environmental approach with a lasting consciousness of the world, so important today.

My dear readers, I could hear in a film that « nature hates normality » and this sentence perfectly sums up the life of an artist: We love and idolize something that we can not understand and that let us exploit our differences in order to offer to the world the love we have.

See you soon!

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