The bikini


During these cold winter months, I can't stop dreaming of the sun, the beach and the sea. I can already see myself in summer tanning in the sun sipping a good cocktail on my deckchair. However, there is still a question in my head, what swimsuits can I wear this summer?

A question that many of us ask ourselves in the summer, a difficult dilemma that is sometimes impossible to resolve.

But despite the multitude of swimsuits that will appear in front of us during the summer sales, we know that a model is essential, the bikini.

THE BIKINI        

Today, a fashion icon in summer, this 2-piece swimsuit has a very controversial history. It played a very important role in the emancipation of women during the 50s. It’s the perfect symbol showing the influence of fashion on society that can go far beyond aesthetics and change attitudes.

This swimsuit, which has become legendary, was first presented in Paris during a fashion show in the emblematic Molitor swimming pool at the end of the 40s. A show that caused a scandal because the wearing of bikinis was banned in France directly in 1949. And yet, we trace the first origins of this clothing back to the Neolithic era, so yes, fashion is indeed an eternal restart!

It was in the 50s that the bikini reappeared and acquired the notoriety it has today. Indeed, it becomes the essential beach companion for many celebrities. In particular Brigitte Bardot, then a beauty icon who proudly displayed herself wearing this sulphurous swimsuit on the beaches of Saint-Tropez. She allowed the popularisation of the bikini which would later take on a worldwide dimension through cinema and the famous James Bond against Dr No in 1962.

A very stormy start for a swimsuit rich in history that marked it's time to become today a fashion icon that should not be overlooked.

"Love, summer and elegance"


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