The Bourdelle Museum

The Bourdelle Museum


My dear readers,

Antoine Bourdelle, a French sculptor said: "It's good to be, but the important thing is to become".

Influenced by Rodin, Bourdelle was nicknamed by critics "the demi-Rodin". The very marked expressionism of these figures links him to the famous sculptor.

Antoine Bourdelle was part of Rodin's studio during a few years and participated in the creation of important works of the teacher.

The sculptor remains attached to themes dear to Rodin such as the passion of the myths, rites, and beliefs of the Mediterranean Antiquity.

In 1910, at almost 50 years, Bourdelle obtained a real public recognition with: "Herakles Archer", one of his most famous sculptures representing the sixth of the 12 labors of Hercules: the fight against the birds of Lake Stymphale. This new approach, very modern, will distance it clearly from the classicism of its teacher.

I recently admired this impressive sculpture at the Bourdelle Museum that I invite you to discover.


The visit of Antoine Bourdelle's studio revealed to me the sensitivity of his work. The sculptor appears as a particularly talented artist, especially in the expression of the faces, the movements of the bodies. The museum makes us discover a talent out of the ordinary, beyond fashions and beyond forms.

A few steps from Gare Montparnasse, in the small street Antoine-Bourdelle, you can enjoy the gardens conducive to strolling with the famous bronzes of the artist!

His entire work is presented in the workshops where he lived and worked!

This museum was for me an incredible discovery. Antoine Bourdelle has left a fascinating collection of works, some of which are monumental! This haven of peace and greenery is an invitation to reflection and change of scenery.

See you soon!