The cite de l'architecture et du patrimoine

The cite de l'architecture et du patrimoine

Yona Friedman

Dear Readers, 

Designer architect for few years, I have always been interested by the professionals of this field. They are friends of mine, knowledges or people that I know for their reputations. I love to follow their work, and sometime, we collaborate. It is always a pleasure to combine our ideas to a result often impressive, and sometimes far away from the initials drawings. I inform myself, I look and I study, looking for novelty. I impregnate myself with the ones who have created the actual way of creating. This is how I went to the exhibition about Yona Friedman. This former visionary from another period who regularly gave me the inspiration.

The artist beyond the architect

By a beautiful afternoon of autumn, I went to the Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine, this place which offer two topics that I love. The place currently proposes an exhibition about the masterpieces of Yona Friedman an architect Franco-Hungarian who works for a lot of years. I admire this man who is, before being an architect, an artist. I arrive in the building, ready to discover years of hard work. By the past, this man has worked about the post-war utopia. He wanted to make evolve through his models the independence and the fulfilment of each being.

I walk in the building and rediscover his masterpieces. His work enhances a period where people wanted to be autonomous. The artist has known how to apply ideas of today, at another period. I am touched to see the work of a visionary. I admire the man, the artist and the architect. I inspire myself from him and his artistic fiber. I observe the spatial city as his movable architecture, looking for what he was thinking about during the conception of his masterpieces. 

Few hours later, I go out of the building. Thoughtful, I thought about the artist. I am touched in front of so genius. Sun is setting and wind comes up, sign that autumn is coming, but I stay lost in my thoughts. I let you my friends, think about this quote from Louis Pasteur that I often associate to Yona Friedman: “ Grandeur of human actions is measured to inspiration which makes them born ”.

See you soon!

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