The concept store Lomography

A cliché, the beauty of a moment

My dear readers,

Wandering through the streets of the Marais district with my tender Elena, our eyes were suddenly arrested by an original window. It was not really a shop, but rather a concept store, design, modern and particulary colorfull. As we are curious, we decided to cross the glass door.

It was only once we had passed it, that we were transported into a universe, the universe of photography. A style of photography atypical but nevertheless known by all, the famous camera Polaroid and its famous pictures!

I often like to say that chance did things right, it feel to the point, we were always fascinated by the charm of these pictures with the unique shape and the instant impression that leaves an indelible trace of the past moments.

I often like to say that chance did things right, it feel to the point, we were always fascinated by the charm of these photos with the unique shape and the instant impression that leaves an indelible trace of the past moments. We decided to talk with the seller to buy a camera but also to better understand the « Lomography » spirit based on a concept that encompasses a lifestyle that is both interactive, intense, fuzzy and crazy.

It is a young community of about one million members worldwide. A sort of globally active organization dedicated to experimental and creative photography. This community of enthusiasts convincingly defends photography and perceives it as a creative approach to communicate, absorb and capture the world.

A special alchemy

Capturing the world, this expression echoed in our minds, we found the elegant and full of meaning! Seduced by the concept, we decided to buy a camera and we set out to make our first polaroids.

As much to say that our afternoon was full of laughter and emotions, we imagined oursleves both model and photographer assigning us roles, personalities. The polaroids were raining from our aircraft and the passers-by turned around on our way without really understanding what was going on. We were in our bubble, sharing a unique moment where there was a special alchemy... That afternoon we had a little use of words, our looks, our movements, our smiles were enough to understand us.

In the evening, we returned to our hotel Le Monna Lisa, lining our bed with all the shots we had made on this sunny afternoon.

At that moment, I thought of Confucius saying « An image is better than a thousand words ». Indeed, for a few minutes, the time stopped, the more a word came out of our mouths, we contemplated each of our cliches, each highlighting the beauty of its moment!

It is sure that it will not be the first, nor the last time, that we will fall asleep watching each of the photos. The jokes laughed, trying to understand the messages we wanted to get through. I leave you dear readers, quoting Robert Doisneau, who by this sentence describes so well this afternoon « When one is a prisoner of the image, it gives you all the audacity. »

See you soon!

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