The Easter, the spring festival


My dear readers,

I will try to put an end to the weeks of greyness, windstorms, cold waves and snowflake avalanches...for the duration of an article to make you live a real dream. I will replace them with a few minutes of sunshine, warmth and happiness as I tell you about the very soon coming of spring !

What could be more beautiful than this magnificent season, synonymous with renewal, rebirth and nature. This period during which the sun shines for everyone, when it’s once again beautiful to stroll through Paris to discover these nusual alleys and have a coffee on the terrace with friends...anyway, enjoy the simple moments of life.

In my opinion, an event marks the beginning of spring, a celebration that is often enjoyed by everyone and often spent with the family, during which chocolate is king: the Easter.

The Spring Festival

Easter is nowadays particularly associated with a religious connotation. But very few people know his original meaning. I was therefore interested in these roots, which have a much more universal impact and a much more beautiful message that is addressed to the greatest number of people.

Indeed, several centuries ago, we didn’t celebrate Easter but simply the spring through the celebration of renewal, fertility and nature, whose origins are very old and go back to ancient Greece. This celebration was named after a lunar goddess, Ostara, whom a solar hero would have delivered from captivity at the time of the spring equinox.

We find this symbolic significance today with the presence of the delicious chocolate eggs that symbolise the birth, the dawn of the day and the life. Justifications much more convincing than our gourmandise to no longer feel guilty about our excessive consumption of white, dark or milk chocolate. And will allow you to highlight your culture !

See you soon !

"Love, chocolate and spring"


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