The Park of Wonders

Unforgettable park

My dear readers,

You know how much I love Paris. But I enjoy the end of this beautiful summer to speak about elsewhere after my summery travel. With Elena, we went to Italy, which is a country we really like as I already explained you.

It would be very hard to enumerate all the wonders we saw there, so much each city are filled with thousands things to admire.

But if there is something that really touched us there, it is located in Florence, Tuscany, previously capital of the country and fitted with an artistic patrimony quite inconceivable so much beauty can be seen and respire no matter where we are. More precisely, the magnificence itself is named Villa di Pratolino, but also the “The Park of Wonders”.

The Appennine Colossus

At the origin, this medicean (destroyed at the beginning of the 19th century) welcomed the family, in a 30 hectares park, adorned of gardens and sumptuous monuments. The Medicis family had to represent at the best the power of the city, where comes the splendour in all corners of this residence.

In a typical park of Italian Renaissance, the Villa was situated in the earth of it. Today, this is a privileged touristic destination since the opening of the park to the public.

We find there boulevards, walking trails, labyrinths gardens, artificial caves, fountains, basin and statues spread out on a gigantic surface. One of the most wonderful park I have ever visit!

The work that impressed me the most is a monumental sculpture realized by Bernardo Buontalenti, named The Appennine Colossus. This 14 meter sculpture represent, depending on the sources, Jupiter, the Roman god, or the God of Mountains.

Even if numerous works disappeared with time, it is still spectacular to go there and have a day to walk on the park, a thousand surprise are waiting for us there…

My dear readers, splendour is everywhere, we just need to know how to appropriate it and develop our beauty eyes.

See you soon!


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