The Sculptures of Paris

Paris, an open-air museum

Dear readers,

It is sometimes surprising to realize how the virtues of some art practices influence the way we perceive the world around us. In this regard, I have memories from the pre-school that occurred to me : a realization during a simple game of play dough. That may sound like this kind of activities exist to kill time of the young schoolchildren. Quite the contrary, the plastics activities as sculpture reveal the imaginary that lies behind each of us, and this from as early an age as possible. It’s why I cannot thank enough my parents for pushing myself since I was very young to try every styles of artistics creations that can exist.

At the discovery of the sculptures of Paris

However, if virtues of the plastic arts are many and varied, their accessibilities to the general public are sometimes difficult. It’s one of the reasons for which I attach a lot of affection for Paris, without knowing, the city of lights offering to you an open-air museum with an incredible wealth. Talking about sculpture, it’s nearly 1000 art works realized during these three last centuries which beautify streets and avenues of Paris. You probably pass through one of them each morning in going to your place of work, sometimes without even realizing it. Rodin, Auguste Ottin, Georges Récipon or Etienne Jules Ramey, the biggest names of the sculpture which decorate the parisian streets are not lacking. Furthermore, many of you have probably their favourite. I must admit that mine is located on the way of the Jardin du Luxembourg and named : La Fontaine des Quatre-parties-du-Monde of Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. It represents to me the spirit of the travellers which travelled around the globe in search of new cultures and civilizations, it’s not an accident if it’s based in the garden of Marco Polo.

My dear readers, take the time to appreciate the beauty and the spirit of the art works which take place around us, it will make you travel, for an instant, far from your daily routine.

See you soon,

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