The Statue of Liberty

Liberty, equality, fraternity

My dear readers,

The statue of Liberty is one of the most known monument in the world.

Given by France to United States, she became a neoclassical and modern icon, symbolizing oppression emancipation, the freedom coming enlighten the world, the popular culture and its symbol is recognized by everyone.

Sculpted by August Bartholdi at the end of the 19th century and inaugurated in 1886, it form a powerful allegory with severe face. It is a true masterpiece, it is a sculpture which let nobody indifferent and holding many information, guarantee of Franco-American friendship.

The 7th strands crown representing the 7 seas and 7 continents of the world. On the shelf she is carrying is written the date of United States independence declaration and on her feet, a broken chain representing the liberation from slavery.

The statue and Paris

As a good knower of Paris, I thought that we can only observe a statue of Liberty on the Cygne’s island and this piece was unic.

It was a huge surprise when a friend of mine told me that there are totally 5 reproductions in Paris.

Thus, I did not expect more than the next day to go and watch this with my own eyes. Elena came with me, always searching for new discovering. The first of this reproductions is located on Musée d’Orsay since 2012, all made in bronze and was before this time in the Jardins du Luxembourg.

Above the Alma Bridge, we found a real size reproduction of the statue’s flame which attract many visitors and tourist every year. Finally, two of them are in Arts et Métiers museum, a model and original reproduction in small size.

My dear readers, Périclès said « There is no happiness without liberty, no liberty without bravour » and the symbol of this quote is as wonderful as the statue of Liberty.

See you soon !

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