The Tuileries Funfair

Return to childhood

My dear readers,

A happy mood takes hold of young and old at the arrival of the Tuileries Fair.

From June to August 2018, find the many attractions of the Tuileries Garden: wooden horses, ice palace, bumper cars, ghost trains, and duck fishing... Let yourself be transported by the magical world of the famous Parisian garden.

With family or friends, the Fête des Tuileries is also an opportunity to let go of your greed. Cotton candy, love apples, churros, donuts and marshmallows, there is something for everyone!

A smell of pancakes and waffles titillates your nose and you are transported in an instant, ten, twenty or thirty years back. It's a wonderful journey to meet you, to meet magic and childhood.

As a child, funfairs have always corresponded to me at the arrival of summer. Every year it was an opportunity to meet my friends and share moments of incredible happiness together.

Art Fair

Did you know that fairs were originally places of commerce? Indeed, it was only around the 19th century that they became places of entertainment.

Derived from the former theater of the fair, the term, Art Forain appeared only thirty years ago. It is the founder of the Museum of Art Fair who was at the origin of this term.

The first "Fairgrounds" were stands and small rides that were moving across the country from the beginning of the 19th century.

Gradually, showmen founded distinct groups of the market with a precise place which will be renamed "Funfair".

Today, the fair has changed a lot thanks to the evolution of the industry, the fun and the technology that has led to the emergence of rides increasingly impressive and technologically sophisticated.

Whether memories, childhood perfume, iced sugar, salted caramel, one thing is certain, the funfair remains in my memory an event carrying past joys and nostalgia.

See you soon!


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