The Wine Museum

The Wine Museum


Wine has been considered "a man's business" during a long time but in recent years things have been changing little by little! Women are becoming more and more easily on the way to vineyards and oenology.

Owner of vineyards, sommeliers, oenologists, women assert themselves in the making of wine. Passionate, dynamic and enthusiastic, they give a new image to wine!

If you are looking to learn more about wine? I invite you to discover the wine museum located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.


The Wine Museum is an atypical place with splendid galleries dating from the 14th century which used to store the wine of the old Convent of Passy.

It is a museum perfectly designed to understand the world of wine and everything related to the work of the vineyard for centuries.

The visit will offer you a real trip to the heart of the culture of the vine and the wine!

I leave you, my dear readers, with this quote from Charles Baudelaire that I like very much: "Drinking wine is drinking genius. "

"Love, Art and Allure"