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Degas at the Opera at the Musée d’Orsay

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Mlle Inwood

Degas at the Opera at the Musée d’Orsay

New cultural season

In love with culture, I am constantly looking for new events to discover and I am delighted to be in Paris.

Indeed, at the end of each summer a new cultural season begins. And every year several exhibitions arouse my interest. My attention is generally focused on exhibitions held in prestigious places and which I particularly like, but also on great artistic figures. What is incredible in Paris is that I have never been disappointed, all the exhibitions I have discovered were sensational and the places were outstanding. Thanks to Paris, which brings culture to life, I am constantly learning, but above all my eyes take pleasure in looking at the works that have been created by great artists.

Recently, I was challenged by the Degas exhibition at the Opera House at the Musée d'Orsay. You may be wondering why this one and not another? Well, simply because the Opera and the Musée d'Orsay are among my favorite places in Paris. I find them magical and unique, their beauty fascinates me but above all they contain treasures. And finally because I dreamed of being a dancer at the Opera as a child.

Degas at the Opera House

Edgar Degas is a 19th century French artist, both painter and sculptor, and is considered one of the main figures of the impressionist movement. Fascinated by the Opera, he has produced great works of it. Through his creations, I discovered various spaces of this amazing place that I don't necessarily have access to when I usually go there. I also appreciate the life he gives to his works, he transports us into the world of the Opera and takes us to meet the people who inhabit this place: musicians, spectators, dancers, singers...

No other exhibition to date has highlighted the Opera so much. Thanks to Degas' incredible work, exhibited until 19 January 2020 at the Musée d'Orsay, discover the portrait of a magical place.


Leonardo da Vinci exhibition

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Mlle Inwood

Leonardo da Vinci exhibition

An exceptional exhibition

As an art lover, I am fortunate to live in the art and culture capital. Indeed, Paris is a city that offers a wide choice of cultural activities: visits to museums, historical monuments, art galleries, temporary exhibitions... For this end of the year, the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at the Louvre Museum is presented as a very special event that you should attend to. From October 24 to February 24, 2020, the museum will display nearly 120 pieces of the artist's work to commemorate the 500th anniversary of his death.

I look forward to attending this exceptional presentation, which is the perfect opportunity for me to rediscover and admire Leonardo da Vinci's work, including some of his most famous paintings, "The Mona Lisa", "The Virgin of the Rocks", "The Beautiful Ferronnière", "Saint Anne" and "Saint John the Baptist". Much awaited, this exhibition is only open upon reservation so be sure to book early, I personally already have mine!

Leonardo da Vinci

The Italian artist, who inspired the beautiful hotel Le Monna Lisa, is best known as a painter for his work "The Mona Lisa" representing Lisa Gherardini. However, it would be almost reductive to recognize him as a painter only. Also a scientist, philosopher, engineer, composer or sculptor... This universal genius is a true symbol of the Renaissance.

This man continues to fascinate the public even today, hundreds of years after his death. I must admit that it remains for me a major source of inspiration, which is why I appreciate so much the hotel Le Monna Lisa where the Sculptor's Art of Living is very strong.

"Love, Art and Culture"



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Mlle Inwood


A Christmas in Paris

Paris, known as the City of Lights, reveals many surprises at Christmas time... When the holidays arrive, the capital amazes us and dazzles us with its illuminations that give the city a new soul and plunges us into the magic spirit of the holidays. When Christmas comes, buildings, apartments, monuments are adorned with their most beautiful decoration and are illuminated one by one. 

At this time of the year, I look forward to this show, the beauty of these illuminations transports me to a journey out of time. I invite you to admire these magical colours that give Paris a more bewitching charm than ever! 

A Christmas at the Lafayette Galleries

The Haussmann department store has always offered us great showcases and a magnificent Christmas tree! The creativity and originality of the windows are always there. 

I like to admire the magic of the holidays at Galeries Lafayette, through the creations of renowned artists who take me to a far-away country.

I therefore give you an appointment, at the beginning of November, at 40 Boulevard Haussmann to admire the marvellous Christmas windows and the famous fir tree of the Grand Magasin.

Immediate boarding to a magical destination!

"Love, beauty and enchantment"

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